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Go HTTP timeouts

I found this great article about go's `net/http`...

— January 27, 2020


I was inspired by blog post I read.

— January 10, 2020

Enabling Dockerized Prometheus Access to Docker Swarm Metrics

Recently, I was tasked with configuring a Prometheus server to monitor...

— January 7, 2020

Game Theory of the Costa Rican public transportation

Why is the Costa Rican public transportation a tragedy of the commons.

— January 1, 2020

My heretical view

Something that sparks controversy

— December 16, 2019

Installing NixOS

NixOS is purely functional linux distribution.

— November 16, 2019

Fork You

The meaning of Fork You

— November 16, 2019

Coming Collapse of the Age of Technology

A little-noticed event of exceptional importance occurred on the 8th of May, 1998. The conservative, power-oriented champion of science, progress, and reason, Science magazine, published an article by the distinguished British scientist James Lovelock which said...

— October 1, 2019

DAI as paper notes

An idea about how to create paper notes for DAI.

— September 16, 2019

Markdown Test Page

A sample page with the most common elements of an article, including headings, paragraphs, lists, and images. Use it as a starting point for applying your own styles.

— June 16, 2019