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December 16, 2019 ~ 3 min read

My heretical view

I recently saw a twitter post about the Thiel question and to be honest it is something that I have not put much thought into it. Until now that is. I most certainly got nerd snipped about this.

One thing I can think of that is unconventional within the general population, but not in certain groups that I belong too, is the need for nation states. The Sovereign Individual is a book that focuses heavily on this. In essence, we don't need a nation state to provide security but instead could organize better forms of organizing our safety. I could go into details but this is what I believe. Nation states are dogmatic. This idea is not my own so I think it will not pass my own criteria but at the same time it is not a very popular idea.

I think that some sort of religion will always be necessary in human societies... It gives us purpose in a world void of meaning. I would hope that it would not be any of the Abrahamic religions. The 20th and 21st century will be remembered as the age of lack of meaning. This idea comes from Nicholas Taleb.

Professions should go back to a guild system. More accessible but still something in which peers can judge their own. More skin in the game and less arm chair general economists.

Core families of two parents and children is not sustainable in this modern age. It seems that having a support network is the best outcome for the family and the children is living close to grandparents. Or living in clans of multiple families.

There is a problem in humans are using up the living resources of this world. We need to find a way to reduce the environmental impacts of western individuals and at the same time allow Indians and Chinese have the same standard of living, but not kill the planet. Technology is the only way out of this it seems. We also need to find.

Minimalism will also be a way to cut back our burdens on this planet. It will help fighting back against the unslaught of marketing and consumerism that plagues this world. (The attention economy is one thing that I uterly despise). One thing that I imagine would help in reducing the burden is by changing the itch for material items for digital items. Not all items will be digitalize, but I do hope that Jordan shoes or trading card games can be digitalized. This is something I think often about. It is hard to implement because I don't understand the cultural values of China and India. So I'm problably completely out of touch with what is possible. I also don't understand why western societies need all the stuff that we need... Like what a popular saying says: "We are being tugged by marketing companies selling us stuff we don't need to impress people we don't know".

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